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AGAWA is our family.

Our history spans nearly 30 years, and our experience is backed by years of hard work.

Agawa is about refined products, but above all, it’s about a team of dedicated people. We invite you to learn a little about us. 

artificial and silk Flowers
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Agawa is our family.


Krysia & Wiesław

it started with them – they planted the seed which, with their nourishment, has continued to grow. Thanks to their ideas, their flair, and their care for the company, Agawa has gained strength and created new opportunities.


Kasia & Piotrek

a combination of two different personalities who, through close cooperation, are able to develop each other’s ideas and support each other in achieving their goals. It is sometimes explosive, but always constructive.

Kasia, Beata, Gosia

Customer service

our beautiful customer service team makes sure that our clients feel “looked after” and appreciated at every level, and that all their questions and requests are never left unanswered. We make every effort to ensure that everyone feels comfortable with us and can count on an individual approach.


Marketing – “they write about us as they see us”

at Agawa artificial flowers, we take care of every element of our business, including showing our silk flowers in the best possible way, also at the pictures. Whether it’s our website or social media or webshop, every detail matters, so we make sure that our products always look amazing.


Controlling and logistics

Economic advisor and the company’s ‘business conscience’. Guardian of the company’s interests. Robert helps manage Agawa’s finances and makes sure we make economically justified decisions. An advocate of just-in-time logistics, he ensures that deliveries from China are properly planned so that our artificial flowers and accessories reach Agawa’s warehouses on time.

We focus on professionalism

We focus on professionalism and comprehensive service, but above all on trust and long-term relationships.

artificial and silk Flowers

Darek, Adam, Michał,
Krzysiek, Michał, Kuba i Paweł

Order processing / Warehouse

every order is executed fully, and everything has to be just right. The gentleman who manged our warehouse not only dispatch and examine our products, but will also be happy to deliver them to customer when the need arises. For them, nothing is impossible. For them, nothing is impossible, they know what, where and to whom, and that is why AGAWA’s customers trust them so much.


AGAWA is ....

artificial and silk Flowers

Every day, with commitment and willingness to work, we serve AGAWA’s customers. We take care of our artificial flowers, their quality, design and uniqueness. We know each customer and their individual needs, because they can count on us not only to choose a right product, but also to enjoy delicious coffee, cake and pleasant conversation.

.... simply US

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