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Agawa is about people.

AGAWA is a reflection of  natural beauty...

You cannot recreate nature, but you can reflect it.

To create a successful business, you have to love what you do and respect each other. Our company is our second home. It’s a place we want to come to, care for, and continually develop.

Agawa is about people.

Just as we care about the company’s development, we also care about the people behind it; without them, the heart of our company would not beat so strongly. By taking care of our core – our people – it’s easier to develop our products with passion and commitment. We explore endless possibilities, take care of every last detail, and invest in our continuous development – all so our customers know that we understand their needs and care about the products we offer.

We build relationships with our customers over many years, and the trust they place in us is our greatest value.

silk flowers arrangement
We reflect nature. 
We take care of every detail

Reflecting natural beauty, with attention to every last detail, tireless quality control, and the following current trends – these are the key elements of our philosophy.

​Kombinacja wiedzy, wysiłków i oferta wysublimowanych produktów odzwierciedlających naturalne piękno roślin sprawiają, iż AGAWA jest solidnym i wiarygodnym partnerem.

Our aim is to design and create artificial flowers, trees, and greenery.

With an emphasis on the highest quality standards, our products feature unique design and workmanship. For each season, we prepare new collections in a wide range of colours, so that each and every customer can find exactly what they need.

Our artificial flowers and plants reflect natural beauty.

Our philosophy is …

Reflecting natural beauty

Attention to every detail

Tireless quality control

Following current trends


from all over Europe

As the company grows, we are extending our reach to new markets and adapting to their requirements. As part of our focus on customer relationships, we also offer custom products with colours and designs chosen by our customers.

Stay in touch with us, we are open to new opportunities! We would be happy to meet you in person at our headquarters, or via WhatsApp, Messenger, or Skype.

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Showroom / Warehouse

At our headquarters, you will find a wide range of year-round and seasonal artificial flowers, foliage, trees, grasses, and other accessories, which are available for sale.

However, if you are interested in larger quantities or a unique design or color scheme, we are happy to fulfil custom orders or reserve selected models from new collections.

We invite you to our headquarters where we can meet, talk, and help you choose the right products for you.

Dynamic development

With growing offer, new models, and a wider range of products, we have decided to expand our premises and create a specially arranged showroom where our products will be presented to customers.

More information and details coming soon!!! 

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Agawa elegant artificial flowers whlesale

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